Vibratory grinding media are grinding tools which are used for vibratory grinding (also known as vibratory finishing or barrel finishing). The workpieces to be ground are placed in a container which is already filled with these vibratory grinding media (chips) and, if necessary, a solution (compound). The surfaces of the workpieces are ground or polished by oscillating or rotating movements of this container.

We offer tailored vibratory grinding media or chips in different shapes and sizes as well as graduated sharpening gradients.

There are various vibratory finishing processes like drum barrel finishing, vibratory finishing, throughfeed vibrators or centrifugal force finishing. Machine manufacturers of vibratory finishing systems are for example Rösler, Walther Trowal, Otec or haug intelligent polishing systems (IPS). Roughness, stock removal and deburring performance can be determined by using different vibratory finishing processes, corresponding machines as well as different vibratory grinding media and solutions (compounds).


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We analyse your grinding tools – free of charge!

At your request, we examine your existing grinding tools free of charge using three different measuring methods: modulus of elasticity (Young’s modulus), Zeiss-Mackensen method and HZ-Rockwell. With the results of the analysis, we are able to make statements about the suitability of the grinding tools for your grinding process and optimize their composition.