Belt cleaning stones

Belt cleaning stones are used to clean grinding belts and thus increase the lifetime. They are used for grinding belts with which lubricating materials such as non-ferrous metals or certain plastics are ground. The grinding belts clog when grinding these materials. Such clogging can be reduced by using grease or sprays.

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What are the advantages of a belt cleaning stone?

Our belt cleaning stones help when auxiliary materials such as grease or sprays are undesirable and/or too flammable in production. The belt cleaning stone is used by pressing it with slight pressure on the grinding belt. The cleaning stone can be used dry or wet. If the stone is to be used wet, it must be soaked beforehand.

The lifetime of the abrasive belts increase by a factor of 20 to 40, since the abrasive effect of the belt is maintained by timely cleaning without increased pressure on the workpieces.

Your advantages through the use of our belt cleaning stones:

  • 20 to 40 times lifetime of the grinding belts
  • no sprays or grease necessary and thus less dirt
  • no fire hazard

Are you looking for belt cleaning stones?

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We analyse your grinding tools – free of charge!

At your request, we examine your existing grinding tools free of charge using three different measuring methods: modulus of elasticity (Young’s modulus), Zeiss-Mackensen method and HZ-Rockwell. With the results of the analysis, we are able to make statements about the suitability of the grinding tools for your grinding process and optimize their composition.