Arkansas Natural Stones

Arkansas stones are natural stones from quarries in the US state of Arkansas. Its grinding mineral Novaculite is very hard bonded and very dense. Due to these characteristics the Arkansas natural stone has a low wear and tear and a good stock removal. Oil is used for grinding with the Arkansas stone which is why it is also called Arkansas oil stone. Arkansas stones are suitable for fine grinding and deburring of the chamfers / blades of knives and tools.

The Arkansas stone is used in tool and die making as well as in engraving and precision mechanics workshops, in surgery and in woodworking shops.

Arkansas stones are available from us in various shapes and dimensions in the qualities “Original Arkansas Translucent” and “Original Arkansas Black“.

Our Arkansas stones are available in various shapes and dimensions. We cut the Arkansas stones out of the raw material (in form of stone blocks), so that manufacturing of different shapes and sizes is possible. In addition to bench stones, you can also get abrasive files and shaped stones, e.g. for sculptors – also in a practical sculptor set. We also supply the right Arkansas honing oil / Arkansas sharpening oil to be used with Arkansas stones.

We also manufacture Arkansas custom shapes and sizes according to drawing.

Below you find an overview of the most common dimensions of our Arkansas stones (other dimensions available on request):

TypeDimensions (L x B x H) in mm
Arkansas Bankstein100 x 25 x 12
100 x 40 x 12
100 x 50 x 12
125 x 50 x 12
150 x 40 x 12
150 x 50 x 12
200 x 50 x 12
Arkansas abrasive file flat100 x 6 x 3
100 x 10 x 6
Arkansas abrasive file square100 x 6 x 6
100 x 10 x 10
Arkansas abrasive file triangular100 x 6
100 x 10
Arkansas abrasive file round100 x Ø 6
100 x Ø 10
Arkansas abrasive file half-round100 x 6 x 3
100 x 10 x 5
Arkansas sculptor stone60 x 25 x 5
Shape 1
Shape 2
Shape 3
Shape 4
Arkansas wedge shape stone115 x 45 x 10/3
Arkansas knife shape stone115 x 45 x 10/1
Arkansas custom made productson request


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We analyse your grinding tools – free of charge!

At your request, we examine your existing grinding tools free of charge using three different measuring methods: modulus of elasticity (Young’s modulus), Zeiss-Mackensen method and HZ-Rockwell. With the results of the analysis, we are able to make statements about the suitability of the grinding tools for your grinding process and optimize their composition.