Jointing stones (also jointer stones) are special sharpening stones for rotating planer knives and moulding knives in the wood industry. In woodworking machines, jointing stones are used to sharpen the knives of a cutter head in such a way that all cutting edges of the knives have an absolutely uniform flight circle.

We manufacture our jointing stones in various dimensions and shapes depending on the woodworking machine used (e.g. Weinig planer and moulder) in the required grain size and bond.

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When jointing, a distinction is made between the two variants straight jointing and profile jointing. Straight jointing is used for straight planing knives. In this case, a jointing stone is set on the flight circle of the knives of the cutter head and the blades of the rotating planing knives are sharpened at operating speed. With profile jointing, a jointing stone with the negative profile of the cutting blade is used. It is set to the direction of the blade and the blades are sharpened.


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